History Tabacos de Costa Rica

In 1997, it started a factory of Premium cigars and  tobacco groowing in Costa Rica with a total of 50 workers, who were dedicated to the planting, sale and distribution of tobacco leaf. By the year 2000, due to the great competition that was developed in the national, Central American and world market, the company had to reorient its activity, therefore, went from being an association that planted and sold tobacco, to become a company Manufacturer of tobacco cigars. The first years of work were very difficult, due to the lack of technology and little knowledge of the work, which is why a master of Cuban origin was hired with 24 years of experience working at the H Upman of Cuba, Mr. Santana was in charge of training the personnel and helped with the entry into the market, both nationally and internationally, his name was Don Luis Santana Lamas.

 The impossibility of entering the international market, due to the scarce production and its low level of quality, caused that this company was dedicated to supplying the national market only, which brought consequences in its financial sector. For the year 2002 the company had to make a cut of personnel due to the difficult situation that went through. This situation of instability and difficulty remained until 2005, year in which the company was able to enter the international market, allowing it to have growth at an organizational and financial level.

For the year 2002 the owner of the company Olman León, began to travel to Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic to learn the techniques of fermentation and cultivation of each of these countries, since the quality of the tobacco they were producing in Costa Rica Was not enough to compete with the world’s largest producers of premium cigars.

In his many trips Don Olman realized the need to start importing tobacco to mix it with the tobacco he produced in Costa Rica and to be able to get better tastes in the cigars. This is how the factory began to use tobacco from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and mainly Cuba, which brought that unique flavor to cigars and characterized the quality of the company.

For the year 2004 the company increases its market internationally, exporting its products to countries like Switzerland, Russia, United States and Germany. This year, relations with large tobacco producers such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador were strengthened.

 For the year 2006 the company increased its work, therefore, had to resort to the increase of its personnel, that is why it went from 18 to 38 employees, which were in charge of Don Olman León and Don Luis Santana, who Trained and aided during its passage through the factory. Due to its good acceptance in the international market, the company increased its stock market, increasing its clients in the countries that already had and expanding to other markets such as the United States.

The company during 2008 and 2009 continued its work to improve quality and increase its size. By 2009, the company was already selling worldwide, it had coverage in all the countries of the world through a customer that made sales through the internet, however, it was not yet among the best manufacturers of cigars at an international level, Despite offering good quality cigars, this was not enough to still be among the best.

The year 2010 was a year of great success for the company, due to its hard work, the factory was located with 3 of its cigars in the list of the 20 best cigars in the German market. As a result, it had a greater recognition worldwide, especially European, which allowed it to increase its staff from 38 to 60 people. This also allowed the company to increase its work of action, in this way, the company went from pure cigar-making to having a tobacco plantation, which is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

 This tobacco plantation is in charge and under the strict supervision of Don Olman León who travels every month during the harvest season, this one is in charge of the quality and culture of the tobacco, that tobacco is used by the factory Tobacco of Costa Rica SA And is also sold and distributed for the domestic market. This last expansion of the factory made that in addition to the 60 workers who had in Costa Rica, will be hired 30 people in Ecuador, obtaining a total of 90 people.

Currently the factory has great influence in the national market, however, this is not its priority. Internationally, it has large clients such as Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Germany, Italy and China. These countries are the ones that govern their activity. They have customers all over the world, produce world-class cigars and among their not-so-distant goals is another expansion of their business.

 All the expansion and management of the company have been carried out under the tutelage of its President and owner Don Olman León Guzmán, who with the help of his family has carried out the company from its beginnings to the present.