Olman Premium Cigars Tabacos de Costa Rica

The brand Olman Premium Cigars represents the family and especially the culture that had in Puriscal to plant tobacco for many years as reported by the same Don Olman “is a family business, I inherited the passion for tobacco from my grandparents and parents since my 5 years taught me how to plant and work the land, especially to plant tobacco, they were dedicated to the production of this crop for more than 50 years, tobacco is a tradition that was passed down from generation to generation in my family. In 1990 I was named representative of tobacco producers before the Tobacco Defense Board of Costa Rica. It was there that I began to listen to the myth of the Havanos made entirely by hand and in 1996 I traveled to Cuba to learn about the activity.

This activity impressed me so much that I dreamed of starting a factory in Costa Rica. For this I visited crops and factories in the main countries that are dedicated to this activity, that is how I related to great tobacco experts and learned each of the styles of fermentation, curing and manufacturing that are developed in each country.

In 1997 I started this company and in these years of struggle, constancy and dedication gave me the possibility to offer a pure Premium with so high quality, that it is time to go to the international market “

For the mixture we use aged tobacco from 4 months to a year in boxes of bitter cedar to concentrate the flavor and aroma of tobacco. The best tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru were selected as tripe, a band from Brazil to give more flavor and layers of Havana and Connecticut planted by Don Olman in Ecuador.