About us Tabacos de Costa Rica

We are a 100% Costa Rican company with experience since 1997 in the manufacture of premium tobacco cigars, we have own brands and we produce private brands, which are achieved from the creation of a personalized blend next to the client, the selection of the colors of the wrapper and the sizes that the customer prefers, in addition to the above the client provides the packaging, designs and names of his preference and we pack and ship the product to any part of the world.

We are a company that has own plantation since 2009, mainly for the production of wrapper and binder. This plantation is in Ecuador because the climate benefits the plantation. We perform a permanent inspection and control of our curing and fermentation processes. Our products reach thousands of users around the world through our brands, and the more than 15 private brands we manufacture.

We are a company that has a box, ashtray and humidor factory since 2016, located in the same property where the cigar factory is. We use wood of great quality and beauty to manufacture the humidors, boxes and other accessories that accompany our products.

We are the creators and owners of brands such as D’Guzman, Olman Premium Cigars, Joya de Costa Rica, Maleku Cigars, La Flor de Montenegro and Pipoka Flavored Cigars. These brands have been created with the purpose of offering the pure cigars made with the best tobaccos and made completely by hand.