Tobacco Tour Tabacos de Costa Rica

We invite you to enjoy the unique and exclusive Tobacco Tour in Costa Rica. Our classic tour, which we call “Discovering the world of tobacco”, will allow visitors to know the production process of premium cigars in our factory.

We will start with the welcome from one of the experts and a general explanation about the manufacture of cigars.

The tour will start at the tobacco selection stage we import from our plantation located in Ecuador. Find out under which situations a tobacco leaf is selected and the different categories that result from this process. Then learn about one of the best preserved secrets of our factory; curing tobacco. The experts will take you to the curing area and in detail will explain the process and the importance that this has in the manufacture of a premium quality product.

Then we will explain in detail the different types of leaves used during the preparation, as well as the varieties of tobacco that make our cigars a unique product. We will enjoy a complete explanation about the making of the bonche and the rolling of the cigar, with special emphasis on the techniques that distinguish us.

Finally, the aroma of our humidor will enchant even the most select visitors. There we can enjoy the different notes of flavors that escape our finished products, besides knowing the wide variety of shapes, flavors and colors that our company offers.